South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

In South Carolina, getting behind the wheel of a car, or even just on the road, can be a very dangerous action. Every 10 minutes someone is injured and every 8 hours someone is killed on South Carolina roads.

When you are seriously injured in a vehicle accident, you need a South Carolina car accident attorney with experience.

Upstate attorney Andy Arnold understands what you are going through. He represents individuals and their families who have suffered serious personal injury and the life-altering emotional pain that come with a South Carolina car accident. This may include broken bones, severe cuts and lacerations, internal bleeding, paralysis, nerve and organ damage, and brain injuries.

You don’t have to face it alone.

Whether your car accident was the result of another driver or defective equipment, attorney Andy Arnold will protect your best interest in a variety of cases. These include:

  • Drunk Drivers
  • Hit and Runs
  • Faulty Machinery
  • Defective Air Bags
  • Distracted or Fatigued Drivers
  • Uninsured Drivers

Car accidents involving any of the above are valid, and your voice deserves to be heard.

We’re Here to Help

South Carolina Car Accident Attorney Andy Arnold provides experienced representation to car accident victims and their families. Don’t wait to get the help your loved ones deserve. Call 864-242-4800.